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Mix & Match your hanging lamps!

Mix & Match your hanging lamps!

In this blog we introduce the Mix & Match tool for the hanging lamps! Read on to find out how you can put together your perfect lamps...

Do you like the Cotton Ball Lights lamps, but unfortunately your perfect combination is not included? Then read on for some very good news!

Pendant lamps for indoors

Besides the fact that it was already possible to create your own garland and have it match your interior, we now offer this tool for our indoor pendant lamps! Maybe the different combinations of pendant lamps that we have don't quite fit into your home, or do you just want lamps to which you can give your own touch? It's all possible now; just tailor the lamp to your taste and create your own combination!

Mix & Match

Once you are on the "Mix & Match" page and have navigated via "Indoor" to "Big Lamps", the creation of your perfect lamp can officially begin.

How many indoor lamps?

The first step is also the most important step, because how many lamps do you want? Are you going for 1 or 2 lamps or do you want a ceiling with 3 or even 5(!) lamps? You can really go all the way and make it an eye-catcher in your home.

Hanging system

After you have chosen the number of lamps you can choose from different hanging systems that each can give a totally different look to the room. When you have gone for a single lamp you have the choice of different color hanging systems, a wandering system (this gives a playful look because you can hang the lamp on or around something), or a floor lamp. Even with a simple lamp you can go many ways! 

Wandering Lamp Soft Orange

The double lamp creates a slightly tighter effect in the room because the lamps hang next to each other using a beam system. The triple combination offers the most possibilities and you can really go either way. As with the double lamps you have the beam system where the three lamps hang side by side, but you also have the choice of two other suspension systems. The first option is a triple 3 point system where the lamps hang from the ceiling from three different points together and give a striking look. This is the only option we have for the five lamp combination and by adjusting the lengths this is sure to be a beautiful eye catcher in the home. The other option for the triple lamp is for the three lamps to hang from one point, which of course creates another playful look. 

kaki double hanglamp balk

blushy greys vijfvoudige hanglamp

Lamp shape

After choosing the number of lamps and the hanging system, you will next choose the shape of the lamps; do you want full round or do you prefer the lamps to be open at the bottom and go for the three-quarter version? You can also go for an oval shape or mix different shapes in a multiple lamp combination! What is important to know in this step is that with a full round and oval shape you have less light than with the three-quarter version where the bottom of the lamp is open. 

Triple Threequarter hanging lamps white

Color pendant lamp

After picking out the lamp shape you are going to choose (perhaps the most fun part) the colors of the lamp(s). Also note here that the dark colors bring less light than the light colors. To find the best color combination you can click on different colors to see what you like best. Everything you click on will be visualized on the right and in this way you can find the best match for your home. If you still have trouble finding the best color combination, you can always send us a message via the chat box on the website for color advice.

Create your perfect lamp with the Mix & Match Tool, let's go!


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Worldwide free shipping over: €200*
Fair Trade
! No shipping to the UK due Brexit !
365 days guarantee on all products