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Contact & FAQ
1 Shipment
1.1 When can I expect my package?


In this overview you can see how long it takes to ship to your desired location.

1.2 What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on the country where you are located. You can see an overview of the prices per country here

1.3 I am not at home when the package is delivered, what now?

The delivery person will resubmit the package a day later or it will be delivered to a delivery point in your area. If the first attempt has been made by the delivery person, you will receive a non-home message stating the next steps you can take.

1.4 My order has been sent back, what now?

A return shipment can have various reasons. You can always find the reason for the return in the track & trace environment. It is possible that you have made a mistake with your address details, so we always ask you to check this first. If there is an error in this, the package will be returned automatically. It is also possible that the package is damaged and is therefore sent back. With a return shipment you can always contact [email protected]. One of our colleagues will respond to this as quickly as possible and try to solve the problem.

1.5 Can I select a different delivery address?

This is possible. At checkout you can choose to have the package delivered to a delivery point.

1.6 I have received my order damaged, what now?

Our orders are carefully packed. It is nevertheless possible in exceptional cases that a package is delivered damaged. To help you as quickly as possible, we request that you take photos of the following points:

  • The shipping box
  • Content
  • The damage

You can email these photos to [email protected]. Don't forget to mention your order number.

1.7 My package was delivered incomplete, what now?

Although we always package the packages carefully, it is possible that an item is missing. We want to solve this for you as quickly as possible. We kindly request you to take a photo of the content received and to e-mail it to [email protected]. State your order number and a short description in the e-mail. 

2 Guarantee
2.1 My lightstring is defective, what now?

All products offered by Cotton Ball Lights have a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. A defective product that is covered by the warranty can be repaired or replaced. The repair time can last up to 4 weeks. If the product in question is from the collection, we reserve the right to replace the product with a comparable product. This will of course take place in consultation with the customer. After the discovery of the defect, the defect must be reported to Cotton Ball Lights within two months.

2.2 What happens to a defective cord covered by the warranty?

In the event of a product defect that falls within the warranty conditions or if a product is found to be defective upon receipt of the product, you must send an email including clear photo (s) of the defect to [email protected]. We ensure that you respond within 48 hours.

2.3 How long do I have a warranty on my lightstring?

You have 24 months warranty on all products from the date of purchase.

3 Return
3.1 What is the return address?

Cotton Ball Lights

Minervum 7378



The Netherlands

3.2 What are the return conditions?
  • 30 days return policy
  • Outside the warranty conditions, the return costs are not covered by us
  • Return payments are made within 7 working days after receipt of the return shipment (excluding the holidays)
  • We recommend that you return the products in their original condition as much as possible
  • It is mandatory to add the invoice or a note with order details and personal information to the returned products. If this does not happen, the amount cannot be refunded.
3.3 What are the return costs?

If you have a defective product that is covered by the 12-month warranty, the return costs are free. In other cases the return of products depends on the weight of the package and the size this usually is between €6,99 and €10,99

3.4 I want to return my product, how does it work?

You can return the product to:

Cotton Ball Lights BV
Minervum 7378
4817 ZH Breda
The Netherlands

If you want to return your order, please go to a local post office and send the products to the adres above. 

Please be aware to put the product back into the original packaging. We recommend to re-use the shipping packaging.

We provide every shipment with a packing list. As policy before handling of the return shipment, you need to include the packing list with your returning order. We do not handle returning orders which are not provided with the included packing list.

If you want to exchange, you have to order the desired product on our website and have to return the unwanted product (see instructions above). We take care of the crediting of your returned product(s) within 7 business days.

Here you will find our Right of Withdrawal form.


4 My account
4.1 How can I add a product to my wish list?

Go to the product that you would like to add to your wish list. Click on the "heart" next to the photo on the right. You can then find the wish list in your own account under "my wish list".

4.2 How do I create an account?

You can create an account here. The advantages of creating an account are that it is easier to place an order and view a wish list.

4.3 Where can I change my personal information?

You can change your personal details in "my account". Once you have logged in here, click on "account information". You can then adjust the desired data, such as delivery address.

4.4 I have forgotten my password, what now?

That can happen! It is very easy to request a new password. Click on this link and you're done!

4.5 Where can I view my order history?

It is possible to view your order history in "my account". Once you are logged in here, click on "my orders".

5 Products
5.1 What does assembly service mean?

It is possible to have your assembled or selected string of lights assembled by us. This means that you do not receive loose cotton balls and a light garland at home, but a light garland put together. The price of assembling the string of lights depends on the number of lights selected.

5.2 Are the string lights with LED lighting?

Yes! All string lights from Cotton Ball Lights are made with LED lighting.

5.3 What is a USB adapter?

You can choose of USB or USB + adapter block when choosing your lightstring. If you choose to only do USB, this means that you will receive a stringlight that has a USB output as its end and not a plug. You put this USB output in a power bank. It is also possible if you already have a connection block at home (for example from a phone charger from Iphone or Samsung) where it is possible to replace the USB output, that you plug in the USB of our lightstring. 

5.4 What should I do if my cotton ball has a dent?

With a narrow long object, such as a satay pick or a knitting needle, you can gently push out the dents in the cotton ball and it will become nicely round again.

5.5 What is the length of the light strings?

You can find the length of all the cords in the size chart for each product under the size chart / info button. Here you get to see all the light cords with the lengths included!

5.6 What is a connector block?

A connector block is an adapter where the USB output fits. Through the terminal block you can plug the light chain into the outlet. You can choose different options when selecting your light chain. If you want the streamer to be delivered with a plug output, choose the option 'USB + connector block'. You can also order a separate connector block from us. If you choose the USB option, the pendulum will be delivered with a USB output, which you can put in a powerbank or connector of your phone charger at home for example.

6 Customer service
6.1 Do you have a complaint or question?

If you have a complaint or question, you can always email our customer service department at [email protected] or call +31 (0)76 514 18 34. 

Did we unfortunately not reach a solution together? The Online Dispute Resolution platform is an internet platform established by the European Commission with the aim of resolving disputes arising from e-commerce outside the courts: You can also email an advisor from the ODR platform via the international contact point of the country where you live.

7 Review policy
7.1 What is your review policy?

Anyone can write a Trustpilot review about Cotton Ball Lights. Customers who have purchased through the webshop automatically receive an email with an invitation to write a Trustpilot review about Cotton Ball Lights and the product. Only customers who have purchased a product can leave a product review. The reviews displayed on the Home page are a selection based on quality, delivery and product. Trustpilot reviews are not changed in content. On our Trustpilot page the reviews are arranged by dates. The authenticity of reviews can be verified by us by the order number that can be seen for us with the review, when the customer is invited by email after receiving the order.

Cotton Ball Lights relies on Trustpilot for the collection, moderation and publication of reviews:

Worldwide free shipping over: €200*
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! No shipping to the UK due Brexit !
365 days guarantee on all products