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Assembly instructions + Color guide

Color guide



It can sometimes be difficult to put together your own cotton ball string. After all, there are more than 60 colors in our range that you can choose from, where do you start? Below we give you a number of tips!



Start with 4 or 5 colors

With more than 60 colors of cotton balls, it can be quite overwhelming to choose. It is also very tempting to put many different colors together, especially if you have a string of 35 or even 50 lights!

Nevertheless, we recommend starting with 4 or 5 colors that match well. You can then fill the light string with these colors. For example, with a light garland of 35 lights you choose 5 colors, so that you have 7 cotton balls of each color.




Of course you can also choose 4 colors. That does not always come out nicely with the number but can be nicer and calmer.

In the event that you cannot choose the same amount of cotton balls from each color, it is advisable to take one less from the darkest color. The dark colors let in less light than the light cotton balls. In this way your string of lights gives enough light and the colors are nicely balanced.


Choose the basic shades

Many of our color combinations are made up of 2 shades that are used as the basis for the interior. If your walls are generally white with anthracite, you can opt for a basis of shades of gray (white, stone & mid gray). Or is your wall taupe, then choose brown tones (shell, light brown, mid brown) as the basis.




Add accent colors

If you have chosen the basic colors, then add accent colors. Think about your interior, or take a look around when you get home. What colors do your accessories have, for example the candles or the pillow on your couch?




Dark colors

It has already been named; the light cotton balls let more light through than the dark ones. Keep this in mind when composing the colors. A garland with dark colors can be very beautiful, but add a few lighter shades if you also want more light.



Extra tip!

Did you know that we also have premium balls in addition to the regular cotton balls? These are cotton balls in 3 different sizes: 6.5 cm, 8 cm and 9 cm. This gives a playful effect to your string of lights.





Outdoor | Cotton Ball Lichtslinger


Indoor | Cotton Ball Lichtslinger



The Cotton Ball String Light is a Fair Trade product and is handmade. (Do you want to know how? Click here). You also have to assemble them yourself at home. This is very easy! How nice is it that you can choose the order of the colors yourself?

There is a small hole in the cotton ball to insert the light. All you have to do is place the lights of our new Twister light cord ® in the balls. Then turn and it's done!

NEW! We now also have the option that you can have the string of lights assembled by us! We then mount the colors from light to dark. Do you have a specific order for your Mix & Match string lights? Let us know in the 'comments' field.








Indoor | Cotton Ball Lamp




Indoor | Hanging Support



Worldwide free shipping over: €200*
Fair Trade
! No shipping to the UK due Brexit !
365 days guarantee on all products