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What started in 2010 as a small scale FairTrade project with 5 employees, has grown into a company with over 80 employees. Neung and Herman are the driving forces of this company. The factory is situated in the North of Thailand. This is an area with a high rate of unemployment, where people have difficulties finding steady income. We offer our employees good working conditions and a perspective of long term employment. The reasonable salary gives them the opportunity to provide for their families and in the meanwhile improve their living conditions. FairTrade Chiang Mai is the only producer of Cotton Balls worldwide that has been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization.

In order to become a guaranteed member of the WFTO, FairTrade Chiang mai has written the following document:

Our vision is that poverty and unequal distribution of wealth in the world is a major obstacle to the welfare of the individual and the community where they live. Poverty precludes developments and is a constant source of tension and conflicts between individuals and groups in society. Trade is the engine for development. Participation in the world gives people a view of greater prosperity and a better quality of life.

Our mission is that we are through developing trade, together with our selected partners and manufacturers in ChiangMai, can make a positive contribution to the fight against poverty. Positive efficiency and sustainability in relation to independence and self-esteem for producers are the main goal.

Our objective is to help our production unit and our producers to sell their products so that they can increase sales and profitability and able to function independently and grow on the world market. Furthermore, we want to inform consumers of the existence of Fair Trade products and the opportunity to contribute to this development.

Our organization is a small commercial company. We have a production unit who is producing Cotton Ball and we have an ‘agency’ unit for export activities of our production unit and our partners in ChiangMai. The profit we make is being reinvested for a big part in the expansion of commercial development, both for our production unit as our trading partners in ChiangMai.


Our control takes place at different levels. Our producers are audited at selection and then audited annually by FTCM on international standards, such as: working conditions, wages, child labor, equal treatment of men and woman and environment as written down by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Fair Trade is the Best Aid with this slogan we mean that Our Vision for the poverty and inequality in opportunities in the world can be solved on a good and effective way by working by Fair Trade Commerce. With this slogan we carry out to consumers the possibility and existence of Fair Trade. Who buys a Fair Trade product contribute at changing opportunities for people in developing countries concerning, income, employment, development and perspective.

Trade Development Our commercial FairTrade development creates a positive change at our trading partners in ChiangMai. By this way their products find towards the export market. This creates employment and income which creates prosperity of the people themselves, their family, their village and sometimes the entire region may increase.

How are developments created first by trade itself. Trade is an important engine for development if taking place under fair conditions. We offer our partners access to the international market. In addition, we assist our partners in business field through advice, training, and cooperation in product development, quality, marketing and logistics. Also we advise them in many cases as social economic projects for producers and workers, focusing on education, housing and health for example.

Our FairTrade rules and standards / Our most important criteria of Honest Trade
• No child labor Opportunities for disadvantaged producers
• Equal reward of men and women at equal activities
• Payment of livable remunerations
• Nonuse of protected/prohibited raw materials
• Nonuse of toxic substances
• Work in safe and clean work surroundings
• Concern for social, economic and environmental well-being.
• Payment in advance of orders (50% at order and 50% at shipment)
The full rules and standards are written down in the Code of Practice of the World Fair
Trade Organization (WFTO) who FTCM endorse. Our partners / members / producers
must subscribe to this rules and standards too.