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About us


Cotton Ball Lights was established 8 years ago by founder Luc Clement . The concept has been around for years, and has its origins in Thailand. You can still find them plentiful on the night markets in Chiang Mai and other Thai cities.


Luc met Herman, who has been active in the Fair Trade business for several years, and together they created a factory called FairTrade ChiangMai and started selling the products in Europe. First in The Netherlands but now,  six years later, our beautiful Cotton Ball Lights are available in over 11 European countries, 4 South American countries, Australia and USA.



What started as a small scale FairTrade project with 5 employees, has in the last 6 years grown into a company with over 80 employees. Neung and Herman are the driving forces of this company. The factory is situated in the North of Thailand. This is an area with a high rate of unemployment, where people have difficulties finding steady income. We offer our employees good working conditions and a perspective of long term employment. The reasonable salary gives them the opportunity to provide for their families and in the meanwhile improve their living conditions. FairTrade Chiang Mai is the only producer of Cotton Balls worldwide that has been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization.



All of our Cotton Balls are handmade. It’s a skill thats takes about 2 weeks of training to become a starter and 3 months of working experiance to be a master, as we looking for high quality Cotton Balls!
1.      Balloon is inflated
2.      Wires are pulled through the glue and wrapped around the Balloon
3.      Cotton ball will hang in the sun to dry
4.      Balloon is popped
5.      Cotton ball is finished!!
6.      Ball by ball will be checked on high quality before packed for export

Mix & Match

•     Let people use their own creativity!
•     Personalised Cotton Ball Light strings, perfectly matching people’s interiors and preferences
•     More choice, more repeat purchases, more feeling!
•     Over 65 different colours
•     The CBL-experience!