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Returns and Exchanges


Cotton Ball Lights USA LLC handles the reception of the order and shipping of the products with greatest possible care. Cotton Ball Lights USA LLC ships the accepted orders (meaning paid orders) as soon as possible in order of entry. Usually delivery takes place 2 to 5 working days after placing the order. Cotton Ball Lights is not responsible for any damage whatsoever caused by exceedence of the advertised delivery times.

The costs of returning goods are always at the customer’s expense

Returns allowed within 14 days in original packaging and without damage to our return address in the USA. Returns must be reported to:

Right of withdrawal

There is a 14 days sighting period for all your purchases. In this period your entitled to the right of withdrawal; this means you have the possibility to return the received goods. In this case you will have to contact us via email: We will transfer the amount to be refunded into your bank account within 30 days of agreement and reception of the returned goods. In case of receiving a wrong item, faulty item or a misdirected order you have to return the unused item(s) within 7 days to Cotton Ball Lights USA LLC. In this case we will repay the return fee. 

Transportation warranty

All shipments are insured by Cotton Ball Lights USA LLC. In case of external damage to the package before opening it please contact us via email.

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