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Have The Original Cottonballlights in your Shop

Have The Original Cottonballlights in your Shop

If you have a store, you just want to sell Cottonballlights to your customers. We have several options for you. Please do not hesitate to ask about possibilities and conditions at

Contact us!

Mix and Match

With the 'Mix and Match' options you have a selection of colors in your store, and you let your customers select their own colors. We have nice display materials available. You will also receive the lightstrings and the charger-units to create a complete set. Your customers will love this!


We also have the 'Favorites' as an option to put to you store. You can place these on a shelve, and the colors are selected in the box.

CBL Premium

Of course the CBL premiums are also available for your shop. The products are prepacked as a complete set.